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Welcome to MyPropertyVerified website!

We are setting up this website with only one reason -- we don't want you as a first time property buyer or investor to go through many bad and unhappy experiences in property buying process that we have gone through before.

20 over years ago we started buying property without any experience and guidance, without proper knowledge but only based on our whims and fancies bought our first property and obviuosly end up in failure. However, we didn't give up and determined to pursue further. We started doing research about the property history, development, supply and demand trend in Malaysia; we also consulted and interviewed many successful property investors gathered plenty of their past good and bad experiences in property investment. It is through this long and painstaking fact finding exercise that we discovered the common mistakes made by many inexperience buyers; but most importantly we have learnt that in property investment it has a set of rules and principles need to abide by in order to gain from it all the times.

With this we have eventually succeeded in our property investment and we are urged to share with you our well accumulated good and successful experiences in all types of property investment.

We truely hope that through this platform many of you out there whether you are a first time buyers or an experienced investors can acquire a positive perspective and right direction in property investment so that you can always make a brilliant decision that produce substantial gains and help to improve your current financial situation. Together we achieve our prosperous life in property investment and retire at early age. Happy surfing!

More About Our Company

We are a group of professional people trained in various disciplines ranging from building quantity survey, data statistics to financial asset management. We all shared the same aspiration and objectives in property investment that makes us come together, work closely hand in hand and developed this simple model that make the process of buying or investing property as easy as 1, 2, 3. With the background of our 20 over years practical experience in this industry, we not only able to make it simple but, more importantly, to provide you with a down-to-earth approach in achieving your purposes and objectives.

Everyone believes that property investment is one of the best form of investment for capital gains and capital preservation leverage against inflation; however you must know how to do it right otherwise this belief may be wrong for you and you may become miserable financially. We strongly believe that this website can definitely help you to do it right even though you are a first timer! Our solutions can work well for all kind of situations or scenarios and it is tailor-make for you base on your personal capacity and financial capability.

We are also an Auction Property Settlement Consultant and have helped many distressed property owners to save their properties without additional financial burden, we have also guided many buyers to secure their desired properties through auctions safely and cheaper than market price of 20% to 50%.

In conclusion we have successfully formulated a strategy in property investment which will always allow you to expose to minimum risks and to gain maximum profits for any type of property you desired to buy.

Happy investing and enjoying great profits!