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1) Mr. Lim from KL

I bought a 3 storey, 22’ x 70’ shop lot in 1995 for RM 560,000 at Taman Sri Sinar. I earn RM 160,000 when I sold it in 2003. I have earned approximately 28.5% within 8 years.


2) Mr. Soh from JB I have bought a 650 sq feet shop lot at Taman Mastiara, off Jalan Ipoh for RM 105,000. I am happy that the current market value has gone up to RM 165,000 and moreover, I am renting it with RM 650 per month which allows me to have a positive cash flow in this investment every month.


3) Mr. Chong from JB I bought a double storey, 22’ x 70’ linked house at Taman Austin at RM 135,000 and I sold it recently at RM 250,000. I earn RM 115,000 in 8 years. Prior to the sale I was collecting a rental income of RM 650 per month which made me comfortable in my cash flow.

4) Mr.Tan from PJ.

I bought a double storey shop lot at Bangi section 7 in year 2005 at RM680,000. The market value now is around RM1,350,000 and I am renting at RM5000 per month. My property has appreciated 98% in 9 years, approximately annualised 10% return per year.

5) Mr.Goh from PJ

I bought a 22’x70’ freehold double storey shop lot at Rawang in 2013. I am renting it at monthly rental of RM2000. My buying price was RM420,000 and the market value now is around RM650,000.This property appreciated more than 50% within 2 years time,incredible performance MPV!

6) Madame Goh from Seremban

In 2012 I bought one unit of 20’x70’ double storey link house at Bandar Baru Nilai at RM160,000. I am collecting a monthly rental income of RM750 and the market value now is around RM 250,000.

7) Madame Tham from KL

I bought a 22’x70’ double storey link house at Selayang Utama in 1991 for RM130,000. I sold it in 2011 for RM550,000 and I gain a profit of RM 420,000 in 20 years, approximately 16% return per annum,not including the rental income.Prior to the sale the rental of the property was RM 750 per month.

8) Sanjung Juara Sdn.Bhd.

In 1996  we invested 2 units of single storey light industrial terrace building 30’x100’ at Nilai 3 Negeri Sembilan for RM 248,000 per unit.We sold the properties before 2011 for an average price of RM 650,000 per unit.We are making an annualized return of 10.80% per year not including the rental income.

Prior to the sale the rental per unit was RM 3,000 per month,thank you very much to the good recommendation of the Director of the MPV!

9) Mr.Lim from KL

In 1995 I bought a double storey low cost house measuring 18’x60’ at Taman Jati Kulim Kedah for RM 25,000 from sub-sale market.I sold it in 2011 to a kulim friend for RM 55,000.I have made a profit of RM 30,000 over 17 years and this does include the rental income collected over these years.Prior to the sale the last month rental was RM 350 per month.

10) Mr.Soh from Segamat Johor.

In 1997 I bought a double storey link house of size 22’x70’ Freehold at Taman Indah Segamat Johor for RM 132,000.I have rented the house since the vacant possession until now for an average monthly rental of RM 500.The market value of the house now is RM 250,000 minimum with a monthly rental of RM 650.The return of my investment as per now is stand at 9.42% per annum and this figure is still going up with time.I am very happy with the advise of the Director of MPV!