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1) To provide hands on guidance on how to buy your first property safely.

2) To share with you on how to invest in property correctly without hassle and risk.

3) To advise on how you can make use of your existing property to buy for another property to build more assets at no additional capital.

4) To provide you a tailor-made property investment solution based on your current financial capacity to gain on rental yields and capital appreciation benefits.


Other Value Added Services:

1) Auction Properties

    • To learn the know-how of auction properties.
    • To advise on how to buy cheap properties in auction without hassle and risk.
    • To advise on how to buy cheap properties put up for auction without going through the auction process and flip it for fantastic return or profit.

2) Save Interest Plan on Mortgage Loan

    • To teach how to read your loan offer letter and what are the clauses you should pay attention to
    • To analyze your current loan status, check whether your loan tenure has been extended and how much extra loss in interest payment incurred.
    • To advise on how you can save loan interest payment; the saving can go as high as 75% depends on your requirement.
    • To provide you a very comprehensive loan repayment ledger so that you can monitor your monthly installment payment towards principal reduction and interest payment up to the accuracy of 99%.