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Q1 : How do I get your services ?

A : Just complete the 3 simple steps

1) Log on to our website at

2) Fill up our membership form and join us as member for FREE

3) Send us your enquiry form and we will attend to you soonest possible.

Q2 : How do I know your services can help me to solve my problem?

A : We will fulfill your needs based on the info you provided and more importantly your objectives. We will conduct a fact finding process with you before any advisory provided. Nevertheless, we will share with you how we do due diligent before investing in a property. We will guide you step by step until the end include helping you to source your desired property that suit your objective and financial situation.

Q3 : How much is your service fees?

A : Our membership and advisory fees is FREE. However, a consultation fees applied if you engage us to complete the whole process of the deal. The fees will only be collected based on successfully cases and commensurate with the merit of services provided.

Q4 : How do I know the property you sourced for me is a good unit for investment?

A : The final decision is yours. However, we will make sure the properties are below market value and have good future potential with evident on the ground to make you comfortable to make a wise decision.   ?

Q5 : How do I start to invest if I do not have much start up capital?

A : Meet us now and we will share with you our experience and show you the know how.

Q6 : Why do I need a consultant as I can deal direct with the property agent?

A : In most cases, agent will not protect buyer interest because they are getting the commission from the seller. Therefore, the buyer will always become the higher risk party in a property buy sell process. Hence, it is better to get consultation to make sure your interest is protected and due diligence like your financial status, title transfer and etc are done properly.

Q7 : Property price has gone up tremendously today, should I still invest in property or I should consider other investment products?

A : It is true that the property prices has gone up but inflation is also going up every year. The chain effects have made the cost of property going up too. Therefore, we must study and analyze before investing. With our service, we will make sure you get the correct property type and fulfill your objectives and you do not have to worry about the high entry point.

Q8 : What happen if my bank loan is not approved after I have signed the SPA?

A : Your 10% earnest deposit will be burned if you fail to fulfill within the completion period. With our financial due diligence, we make sure this problem will not happen.

Q9 : Should I use the same lawyer from the seller to save cost?

A : Not advisable.

Q10 : How do I know if I am eligible to get a property loan from bank?

A : You are eligible if your monthly installment amount is less than 1/3 of your net income ( disposable income ) with good record in your CCRIS and CTOS report.

Q11 : If my income is not enough for me to buy my desired property, is there any other way to solve this issue?

A : You can join the loan application with your relatives.